Current Projects

Room Layout Woes in Wash Park

With this project we are assisting the homeowner in determining the ideal layout and sizing for some new and existing furniture pieces in their living/family and dining rooms. The existing conditions of the home, which include some very unique architectural features and floor plans, make it challenging to arrange the furniture elements in a comfortable manner while maintaining circulation space and openness. We are also refreshing the paint in these rooms, adding a pop of color, and relocating some artworks.

Home Rescue in Hampden Heights

Life happens, time takes it’s toll, we come to the rescue! With this project we are providing turn-key service to bring a home back up to excellent working condition. So far we’ve replaced rusted and failing gutters, pruned tress and shrubs in need of TLC, painted the entire exterior after repairing some water damaged siding, replaced a leaking water tank, organized/cleaned items stored in the basement so as to minimize/eliminate potential for critter habitation, remedied water leaks in the bathrooms by demolishing existing problem areas, remediating mold, and then remodeling… And, stay tuned, more to come!

Custom Artwork Design in Wash Park

Do you have eclectic tastes in art? If so, we can assist you, much like we are helping this client, put together a completely one-of-a-kind artwork to fit in a very specific place. We are custom tailoring the content (bugs, natural elements, scientific findings, origami, shiny objects) and placing them on an over-sized custom designed reclaimed wood ‘canvas’. So cool…

Out With The Old and In With The New in Cherry Hills

What can we say… This is just your classic home in need of some much needed maintenance, repair, cleaning, organizing, purging, and updating inside and out. It is an original 1950′s Atomic Ranch with much of it’s original styling still intact. With the owners support we are retaining the vintage charm while bringing the level of performance, convenience and functionality into present day. A significantly large but certainly not daunting project whose details are still unfolding.