Our Graphic Mark

Our mark was specially designed by Ad Vogele Design to abstractly represent our company’s 5 core Art & Design values: Modern, Sustainable, Individual, Comfortable, and Inspired

Modern: The shapes that make up the logo were inspired by the simple geometric forms used in repetition during the Pop Art, Minimalist, and Mid-Century Modern Art & Design movements. And, the striking orange color is very reminiscent of these time periods as well. In addition, simplicity of form is characteristic of many design types such as: Asian, Contemporary, Minimalist, Modern, and Sustainable.

Sustainable: The two connected shapes symbolize how everything is linked to something else. Therefore, it is important to be responsible with our choices because often doing something to/with one element can directly, or indirectly, change/affect others. Also, if the two unattached shapes in the logo are shifted back towards that linked shape they will form a larger whole. This represents how small parts can be extracted, and then returned, to their source to become a part of a renewable cycle.

Individual: Whether the design solution is for a singular client (individual block), or for a collective (grouped blocks), know that it will be uniquely suited to that project.

Comfortable: The corners of the blocks have been rounded to convey a sense of ease, safety, and comfort as opposed to the sharp edged corners of a typical square.

Inspired: The three diagonal blocks that ascend up and to the right focus attention skyward. The sky, and an upward direction in general, are associated with inspiration and forward thinking. The sky’s the limit!