“Thanks for your dedication, Jennifer! The lives of countless children will be positively impacted by your efforts to make our new building beautiful and comforting. Your positive attitude and desire to see through the remaining projects is all the more incredible given the problems that arose from having too many cooks (myself included!) in the kitchen.” (Matt H.)

“Jennifer brings a fresh perspective to interior design which is unique and ingenious. The uniqueness lies in the heart of her ability to truly listen and synthesize your needs/wants. The ingenuity lies in her ability to shape and mold those requests, spoken or unspoken. Interior design requires a breadth of knowledge which dabbles into and crosses a multitude of boundaries. Jennifer greets those challenges with a sparkle in her eye and an undaunted skip in her step. This is a woman who knows her stuff, enjoys it immensely and will bring you along for the ride. Her commitment is genuine and so is she. I count myself fortunate to have worked with her.” (Cecily T.)

“I appreciate that you shared your experiences and knowledge in a way that was helpful and practical for me as a student. Your input is immediately applicable and gives me more insight into the future.” (Alexis S.)

“Need a designer? Do I have someone for you! You do not need to worry about a thing because she thinks of it all! And, a great sense of taste.” (Marilyn E.)

“Jennifer is very talented in all aspects of design. I have enjoyed working with her. She is so pleasant, knowledgeable, thorough and efficient. I truly recommend her, she is an artist.” (Ladeen P.)

“A wonderful designer, with a bright intelligence that is communicated well verbally and visually. She’s confident and talented and makes a difference in our community!” (Lauren P.)

“Jennifer is an intelligent, skilled and responsible sustainable designer. Everything she does is detailed and professional with insight into the issues and problems that must be solved.” (Sarah C.)

“Extremely dedicated with a lot of enthusiasm in her quest for knowledge – a true lifelong learner.” (Nicole N.)

“She pushes herself and her skills and talents to the limit, always with energy and insight. She is always willing to take time to help others. She’s a little kooky, and I mean that in a good way!” (Brook Y.)