Charitable Practices

Mod Space Design believes that the benefits of great design should be attainable by all. We have a Give Back program in place that allows us to provide a certain amount of design services to those in need on a pro bono basis each year. Potential candidates that are in critical need should submit an assistance request by following the instructions below.

Submission Requirements

1. To begin the process please use our contact page to compose a message with the subject “Give Back Program”. In the message, please give us all of the contact information for the person we’d be interacting with if your project is selected.

2. Once we respond you should be prepared to digitally submit the following required items:

  • 1 page, typed description of the person(s) that need assistance, and why
  • 1 page, typed detailed description of the environment that needs improvement
  • 3 – 5 photos that document the current condition of the critical environment.
  • the complete address of the location

Please note: Submissions are only accepted from January 1st – March 31st each year. Nominations are good for one year. After one year, nominations would need to be updated and resubmitted to be reconsidered. Not all nominations will receive assistance.